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Well, I think it is about time I created this blog-thing for the baby so I can document and remember all the amazing little details that I am already starting to forget! Here is a recap of what we’ve missed so far:
We found out we were expecting about two weeks after our one year anniversary 🙂 I bought a pregnancy test and took it before I left the store because I couldn’t wait. I didn’t read the directions and ruined the test. Martin was not happy. The second test didn’t go much better. Martin read the directions and I took the test properly, but the little blue line was BARELY there. We were thinking, “Does that count?” Well it did, because the next day we took a very clear “pregnant” or “not pregnant” test. When “pregnant” popped up on the little screen we could officially get excited.
At our first doctors appointment (at four weeks) we could see nothing on the ultrasound but an enlarged sac. The doctor said this was normal, but that I was definitely pregnant cause my uterus had already expanded well over the “non-pregnant” range.
The next appointment (at six weeks) we saw a tiny little dot attached to the wall of the sac. But there was no heartbeat yet (too early to tell, also normal). At the point I started to feel those awesome first trimester symptoms: queasiness, fatigue, aversion to foods and smells. Those first weeks I ate a lot of carbs. A lot of nutella bread, pancakes, rice and fruit. Fruit has become my best friend.
The next appointment was last week (at ten weeks). We saw the baby’s head, arms, body and legs. He or she looked like a little gummy bear on the screen (about 3.5 cm long or 1.5 in.). And then the most amazing thing happened… baby H started to wiggle. It was incredible. Now I realize how special ultrasounds and the little pictures that people get from them are. We also saw a flashing heartbeat on the screen (still haven’t heard it yet) and I got my Mutter Pass. So I guess that makes it official in Germany 🙂 I ask the doctor if we were “in the clear” as far as the most dangerous stage of pregnancy was concerned, and he said yes! Everything is perfectly normal and right on time so far 🙂
How far along? 11 weeks
Month: March 2013
Baby is as big as a: lime
Total weight gain:  2 lbs
Maternity clothes? Not yet. But I’ve got some waiting from an awesome friend (thanks Taryn).
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Sleep: I just have to get up between 3 and 4 AM every night to use the bathroom.
Best moment this week: We got a stroller and co-sleeper! The sun is starting to shine, spring is near 🙂
Nicknames: Baby (how creative).
Food cravings: Mostly fruit.
Missing: American food I can’t get in Germany 😦
Anything making you queasy or sick: Smelly foods.
Gender: Don’t know yet. Everyone guesses it’s a boy, but my Grandmother.
Symptoms: Queasy, tired, headaches, a little heartburn.
Belly Button in or out? In.
Mood: Feeling happy and excited to almost be done with the first trimester.
Exercise: Only walking.
Looking forward to:  Having a popped out/obviously pregnant belly (this just looking bloated and fat thing isn’t cute) and for spring to really get in full gear 🙂